Wednesday, January 9, 2013

简易:多谷粮芝麻曲奇 -Easy : Multigrain Cereal Cookies

IMG_0034 Multigrain cookies

IMG_0033 Multigrain cookies


我是根据享受平淡 的食谱改了部分的食材。
因为自家没有燕麦就用朋友送的一包桂格产品( Quaker Oat Multigrain Cereal ) 代替,它里边既有燕麦,也有其他谷粮(营养麦片),也差不多了。
谁知曲奇烘出来后,颇令我满意- 香脆且不油腻也。
IMG_0036 Multigrain Cookies

Quaker oat multigrain cereal -营养麦片

多谷粮曲奇( 麦片饼干)- Multigrain Cereal Cookies :(曲奇的真正大小(Real size):烘好后的直径是3.5cm (diameter),可做大约50个 (pcs)
(* 本来这曲奇有杏仁粉,我也没有杏仁粉,就没放了。)
100 g 牛油- butter / 菜油(margarine )
50 g 细糖 - castor sugar

1 个蛋  - egg( Grade B, 60g)
100 g 面粉 - flour
  50 g 全麦面粉-  wholemeal flour

50 g 桂格多谷粮 - Quaker Oat Multigrain Cereal
1 大匙芝麻 1 tbsp sesame seeds

1. 牛油 + 细糖用搅拌器打至松软(我用3号打5分钟)。(Beat butter + sugar until fluffy , speed 3 for 5 mins.)
2. + 鸡蛋 再打(搅拌)它一分钟。(+ egg , beat 1 min.)
3. + 面粉 + 全麦面粉,用刮面粉的刮(spatula)搅拌均匀。(+ flour + wholemeal flour , mix with a spatula.)
4.弄成球状,压扁,上面随意撒上一点芝麻。( Shape into a ball and press slightly . Sprinkle some sesame seeds before baking )

5. 烘炉温度Oven tempereature : 170 度 C。(炉子中格,middle rack 。上下火,lower and upper heat)
6. 烘焙时间 :20 mins 分钟。( 我觉得25分钟会比较香脆,你自己喜欢把, or if you like it more crispy , then bake them for 25 mins)

* I am submitting this post to Chinese New Year Delights 2013 hosted by Sonia aka Nasi Lemak Lover 

IMG_0038 Multigrain Cookies


  1. hi ling, thanks for dropping by my blog earlier and glad to know another blogger from the same town! i also just saw your multigrain cookies in sonia's roundup, they look great. I was also thinking of making something multigrain like not for cny ..just casual bake :)

    1. Lena,glad to know that you are from Ipoh too. That's too many cookies to bake for cny.


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