Tuesday, October 7, 2008

宵夜- 怡保旧街场 - Supper at Old Town , Ipoh

我很少在夜晚出来逛。既然有这个机会,就乘机拍几张夜景. (Ipoh Old Town night scene )

怡保午间的旧街场,是个出名的美食天堂。但是夜晚的旧街场也不赖,夜猫子自然有他们可去的地方,而且是与愈夜愈美丽。出名的怡保旧街场白咖啡,就坐落在此. (Famous Ipoh Old Town White Coffee is situated here.)

怡保旧街场白咖啡网页:Old Town White Coffee home page : www.oldtown.com.my


当然,你也可以在新加坡品尝到美味的怡保旧街场白咖啡 : Can I taste the delicious Ipoh Old Town White Coffee in Singapore ? Yes , this is the address :

Old Town White Coffee ,

902,East Coast Parkway

# 01-08/09 , Blk B

Playground @ Big Splash , Singapore.

Tel : 6344 4404

我们选了这间Mixed Cuisine :15 , Jalan Tun Sambathan, Ipoh. ( We went to this Mixed Cuisine )

白咖啡(RM 2.00)和 茉莉花茶 (RM4.50)。(Coffee and Jasmine tea)

东荫功配饭( Tom Yam Seafood Soup with Rice) ,RM8.50.

炒米粉. 比我想象中的还差, 米粉炒得太油腻, RM5.50。 (Special Beehoon,it is a bit oily ).

芝士焗饭 (RM9.90)(Cheese Baked Rice )



  1. Dear yiyi-
    Where is my chao kui tiao??


  2. I will bring you the Char Keow Teow next time when I eat one.OK ?
    Don't drool first !


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