Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sunnyvale 的花圃 - Sunnyvale 's Nursery

妹妹的庭院种满了玫瑰,她也喜欢常常逛花圃。那天,阳光普照,我也跟了她去了这间坐落在 Sunnyvale 的Summer Winds 花圃 。

My sister grows a lot of roses in her garden. She always buys flowers from the nursery , too . One fine day , I followed her to Summer Winds Nursery , Sunnyvale.

Once arrived at the nursery , a lot of flowers which are blue , purple and pink in colour, growing by the entrance of the nursery. It was beautiful !

园丁在为花儿浇水。(A gardener is watering the flowers)

他们也有售卖瓷器花盆。(China flower pots)



Summer Winds Nursery : http://www.summerwindsca.com/

861, East El Camino Real,
Sunnyvale , CA



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