Monday, November 24, 2008

逛市场 - Shopping Spree


李太约了我到Jaya Jusco 走走。我们走了一会儿,到这间叫“讲士讲啡”的咖啡店 (福建音:Kopitiam) 喝咖啡,吃午餐。我们选的当然是怡保的白咖啡啦!

Mrs Lee and I went to Ipoh Jaya Jusco. After a while , we went to this "Chatter Kopitiam" and had our lunch there. Of course , we ordered the white coffee.

座无虚席 - Full-house

怡保白咖啡 -Ipoh White coffee

咖哩鸡椰浆饭 - 咖哩鸡的味道并不怎么样,我们还开玩笑的说咖哩鸡由我来煮!
Nasi Lemak with Chicken Curry.

Nasi Lemak is Malaysian coconut cream cooked with rice. The dish is served with fried anchovies , peanuts , hard boilded eggs (or fried egg ) , chilli paste ("sambal ") and sliced cucumbers.

半生熟蛋 垫面包 - Half boiled egg with bread.


楼下的面包店。 Bread shop , ground floor.

Secret Recipe 的食物广告。 Secret Recipe's adverstisement

Jaya Jusco 内售卖的马来西亚双峰塔纪念品。RM24.90 - Malaysia Petronas Twin Towers souvenir .



怡保MPH 书局。
MPH Bookstore , Ipoh .

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圣诞饰物 - X'mas decorations

女性的最爱 - Ladies' favourite .

项链 Necklaces



  1. Gee thanks, now I am STARVING! I would take two of those coffees too! Yummy!

  2. Liz Foley :Hi, It 's surprised to know that you are here.

    I sometimes visit your blog too. Aiden is getting bigger !


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