Thursday, November 13, 2008

菜市场 2 - Bazaar 2 / Pasar

I take this as the cover because of they are seducing and colourful !


这是靠近大路的另一个出入口 Another entrance which is near the main road.

成衣 ( Clothes)

They use this type of vans to carry their goods to the market .

女装手提袋 ---虽然品质和款式不是特别好,但价钱也不会特别便宜。无论如何,这些手提袋还是有它们自己的市场的,反正各花入各眼。

Lady handbags -- although the qualities and styles do not up to the satisfaction , their prices is not cheap too. Anyway , they still have their own market positions.

难得偷得半日闲,先看看报纸吧 !He still has time to read the newspaper during a break !

这位卖眼镜的大叔好像在说:“看,有人在拍照!”. This uncle who sells spectacle frames seemed saying , " Look , somebody is taking photographs !".


怎么这么大棵的“树仔菜”呢 ? What a tall vegetable !

他们在选购“Fanban” 牌的DVD, 看起来生意还蛮不错的。其中有中,港,台,韩国戏。反正就是种类繁多,任君选择。

" P " brand DVDs are doing well in the market . You can easily select DVDs either from China , Hong Kong , Taiwan and Korea .

为什么要偷偷摸摸的躲在角落里卖猪肉呀 ?(这个答案与宗教有关。)
Why can they only sell pork in a corner ? ( The answer is related to the religion .)

Fruit , dry food , eggs and noodles are selling here .

鱼, 虾, 蟹部。 Seafood stalls .

This row is for selling tofu products , fish ball , pork ball , stuffed food like "yong tofu" and "fupei".

鸡鸭部 :你可以选择买整只鸡,半只鸡,或只是鸡翅膀,或鸡胸肉,鸡脚,鸡内脏.........
Poultry : You can buy a bird or half of chicken , only the chicken wings , the breast parts , chicken legs , intestines........

还有乌鸡(竹丝鸡)Black-bone Chicken.

这里是卖干粮杂货的。Dry food and groceries .

罐头和腌制的食品。Can and preserved food.

The biggest newspaper kiosks among the three .



  1. 还有pasar上面的小食照片?

  2. joylife : Coming soon , 一天之内,哪可以拍那么多呢 ?

    又不能光明正大的拍 ,也真的有点难。


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