Tuesday, November 18, 2008

巴刹二楼 - The Second Floor of the Market

从这一条梯走上去,就是吃吃喝喝的地方。有些人还会骑脚踏车或摩托车上去。另外,还有一级一级的楼梯走上去的。 消费人都不愿意爬上二楼的熟食档,他们会买完菜后,直接回家,所以,这里的熟食小贩的生意都受影响。


One can go upstairs from this way , there is the place for drinking and eating . Some of them even take their bicycles and motorcycles up there. Besides this , there is another staircase for people to reach the second floor. Usually the consumers do not like to go up there . They will go home directly after buying their stuff. So , the business of the hawkers is affected .

这里只有早上11.00 前才有人潮。过后,这里会恢复寂静一片,所以有些小贩还将当天卖不完的食物,送给人吃。

The customers are seen before 11.00 a.m. . It will be very quiet after this hour. Some of the hawkers even give out the food to others before they pack and go back.

小孩的天地,这里售卖的是小朋友最喜欢的糖果,零食,玩具等。 The children's corner - there are sweets ,titbits and toys.

还有五颜六色的风车呢 ! 风车还在,但是童年呢?Also , the colourful pinwheels ! The pinwheels are still here , but where is the childhood ?

本地糕点 - 芋头糕,发糕,椰浆饭 ........ Local desserts - yam cake ," fatt gou" , nasi lemak......

哇,这么多人围着的摊子,卖些什么呢? Wow , why are the crowd ?

卖传统食物的大叔 - An uncle who is selling traditional chinese food.

我也不知道是什么名堂的食物 - 用面糊调成的,放进小锅里,盖上锅盖,用慢火煎它........
I don't know the name of the dessert , it is batter and then fried it in the small "wok" under low heat .

然后,.......... Then......

接下来,反转煎另一面........... Then , turn it to the other side ......

登登登灯 (音响效果)...........就成了这个东西 !我小时候好像吃过的,现在都很少人卖了。
Voila ...... it becomes like this ! It seems I had this before during my childhood, it rarely sees people selling this nowadays.

I had it during my childhood and never got to know the name of the food.
后记 :有个部落客Waiyin 告诉我,这是“Apong”。谢谢她让我知道。(请参阅:Comments )
Note: A blogger - Waiyin told me that this dessert is called " Apong". Thank you , Waiyin. (Pls refer to : Comments )

19/11 是我妹妹的生日。我将这篇部落格的帖子
献给她作生日礼物,因为都是吃的东西,算是请她吃了一顿啦 !
May,祝你生日快乐 !
It is my sister , May's birthday 19/11. I present her this post as her birthday present like giving her a treat since it is all about food.

May ,Wishing you a Happy Birthday !


  1. Waiyin :Thank for telling me. Perhaps the childhood is too far away from me . I have lost parts of my memories ! Just visited your blog .
    I like the photo that you have taken at West Coast Park !

  2. well, i used those chippalak camera in my phone to take =) not as professional as yours =)

  3. Waiyin : I have no talent in drawling like you do so I better take pictures. It is much easier than drawing !

  4. 看到你得apong流口水,也想起小时的风味。

  5. 君 :你的口水可以留满地了!

  6. 你拍花的那个阿婆,以前是我邻居-名叫将姐,也是个“大今姐”巴占其实是很小,对吧?

  7. 君 :是啊,所以这里是没有秘密的!

  8. 你送给你妹妹的“潮州糕”也很好吃。以前我外婆弄给我们吃,他过世后就到我大姨弄,大姨死后就没再吃过了,因为失传了。


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