Sunday, November 23, 2008

群山伴我行 - Mountains Are With Me

淡淡的薄雾,围绕在山头 - The morning mist is over the hilltop.

These mountains stand quietly along the North-South Expressway while you are driving to your destination.
它们时而白雾霭霭 - Sometimes they are with thick mist

时而揭开雾的面纱,让你看清它的“庐山真面目”。 Sometimes you will have a clear view of them.

I took these photos in the car and it caused such a blurred result.

大片的热带雨林 - Tropical rainforest .

连绵不绝的山脉 - Mountain range

霹雳州内的大理石石矿 - Marble Quarry in Perak

晨雾 - Morning mist


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