Tuesday, December 9, 2008

慈善义卖会 2- Charity Fair 2

The crowd came in gradually at about 9 a.m.


妮心洗肾中心为了将来能添置更多的洗肾机,就发动了这次的义卖会。义卖会是在上午9时到下午2时。 慈善义卖会怡保基督青年会(YMCA , Ipoh)举行。

Neesum Dialysis Centre is a non-governmental organization. It is located at 288-290 ,Jalan Chung Ah Meng Road ,Ipoh. The centre is equiped with 4 haemodialysis machines to provide subsidised haemodialysis service for the needy. There are 4 haemodialysis machines to cater to the 6 patients at present.

In order to cater for more kidney patients, the centre had a fund-raising charity fair to purchase more machines for the patients. The charity fair was from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m at YMCA, Ipoh.

小孩看到jelly 和冰淇淋就无比的开心。 Children would be happy to see jelly and ice-cream.

义卖包点的蒸炉。 Steamer for the pau.

热腾腾的包点出炉啦 ! Hot pau were out !

购买了固本的善心人士,都相继的购买他们喜欢吃中华点心。Those who bought coupons liked to buy some of these chinese dim sum.

这里也有卖烧卖和鱼丸。 There were also "siu mai" and fishballs selling in this stall.

我买了慈禧太后最喜欢吃的点心-----烧卖。 我也买了卖相不错的鱼丸。你看,它们还在冒着烟呢,你看了是不是也想来一碟呢?I bought "siu mai" which is “Ci Xi" 's favourite dim sum. I also bought fishball that looks tempting. Would you like to have some ?

还有包子呢 ! Pau

有莲蓉,豆沙,叉烧包。 There were lian rong ,redbean and cha shao pau.

The public relation manager, Mr. Lau Chee Wai was coordinating among the stalls.

怎么可以少了小孩的七彩气球呢?How can the children without the colourful balloons ?

气球中心的“幕后”。还没送出去的气球洒落满地 ! The "backstage "of the balloon centre . A lot of balloons were lying in the field .

守着岗位的男孩,鼓着腮,拼命的把气吹进气球里。A boy was blowing his balloon .

我不知道他的目标是要吹多少个气球 ? 就是看到他还在吹。 I didn't know how many balloons he got to blow ? But just saw him keep blowing them .

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  1. Dont read Chinese but so love the pictures! Nice camera or great photographer!

    Love the environment the charity fair took place in! Church?

  2. Emily : The charity fair is at YMCA ,Ipoh which is near a park.

    My camera is HP Photosmart 715, made in Malaysia !

    English translation is out today.


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