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马来西亚人的普遍食物 - Malaysian's Common Food



那天我和我的小弟到巴占的“创世纪茶室”(Chong Say Kee Restaurant , Bercham)吃烧肉和烧鸭。这间烧腊店客似云来,生意特别的好。我们就点了这些烧肉,烧鸭配上带有当归味的卤汁,虽然卤汁的味道是稍微咸了一点,我们还是吃得津津有味。另外我们还点了他们的酸菜( RM2.00有点儿贵 ?)。


Roast chicken , roast pork , roast duck and roast sausage are very common local food. You can find these restaurants in every corner because there are plenty of customers like eating these food.

My brother and I had lunch at this "Chong Say Kee Restaurant " in Bercham . We ordered roast duck , roast pork and a bowl of "gai choy" ( sour vege). The business of this restaurant is very good . Many customers dine in and some of them "dabao" ( take-away).

The roast duck comes with the "dang gui " (Angelica Sinensis)sauce. The sauce is a bit salty for me but we still like the food very much. We also ordered the sour vege ( It is RM2.00 , a bit expensive ?)

烧肉- Roast pork.

小弟还点了番薯糖水。Sweet potato soup.

这是怡保新街场,华南茶室的蕉叶炒粿条(Char Kuey Teow at Wah Nam Restaurant ) Ipoh New Town .

我的外甥女Ashley, 她住在美国的Santa Clara 。她非常非常喜欢吃Char Kuey Teow。 每当她来马来西亚度过她的暑假(Summer Holiday ),到外用餐时,那里有卖炒粿条的,她一定会点这道粿条来吃。她的最高纪录是一天三餐都吃炒粿条。当她回到美国之后,还对这粿条念念不忘 ! 所以,这道炒粿条是她要求我拍照给她看的,她只能“望面止饱”。(在这里我不能用“望梅止渴”呀!)
Ashley is my niece who lives in Santa Clara , USA. She likes to eat Char Kuey Teow very much. Whenever she comes back during her summer holiday, she will order Char Kuey Teow if the restaurant has one there. Her highest record of eating Char Kuey Teow was taking 3 meals in a day ! After she had gone back to the US, she missed this food very much . This photo was taken at the request of her. She only can be drooling all the way when she sees this.
Note : Ashley created a blog "California Life" 27-12-2008 .This message is amended 1-1-2009.

怡保白咖啡。Ipoh White Coffee .( 当时我为什么没有想到用那杯咖啡把那“人头”盖住?现在看起来好恐怖 !Why didn't I cover the "head" with the cup of coffee ?It looks horrible right now ! )


煎萝卜糕 和芋角 - Fried Carrot Cake and "Wugok" (Fried yam with stuffed meat)

咖哩面,这碗咖哩面里有鸡肉,虾仁和烧肉, RM 5.00。(Curry noodle with chicken , prawns and roast pork ,RM5.00)

. La nourriture commune en Malaisie.


  1. 全都是我爱吃的,尤其那碗酸菜,rm2不会贵啦。

  2. Good introduction about the foods of Ipoh! I'll definitely make your blog as my guide when I'm at Ipoh!

  3. 键轩惠馆 :谢谢你的来访。这么小碗的酸菜,卖RM2,我还是觉得有点儿贵 !

    Robo : I hope my food intruduction can enclose address but usually people drive me there !So, I will be ??!!

  4. Waiyin : 我就知道你很想回家。


  5. Thank you very much yiyi!
    I am very, very, very, hungry now!
    I found out that if you click on the picture, it will open up a new page with the photo enlarged. I have set it as my computer's desktop picture! Now I can look at it whenever I want! (:

  6. Ashley : Ha,Ha ,Ha ! That will become your destop picture ? My goodness , do you know how delicious of this Char Kuey Teow is ?

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