Sunday, October 30, 2011

金马仑之食 - Eat at Cameron Highlands

IMG_2510 Mamak shop , Tanah Rata

那天是屠妖节(Deepavali ),我们在金马仑的Tanah Rata  Cameron Highlands)选吃印度餐。
本来要吃Chapati ,他们的Chapati 卖完了.

菜单(Menu) : 
1. Roti Canai( roti paratha)2 片- 咖哩汁太稀。
2. 印度炒面( Mee Goreng )2 碟- 味道不错,馅料也多。我会吃辣的人,也吃得有点辣, 也很刺激 !
3. Waffle 2 份 - 本来点的吃一个涂巧克力酱( (chocolate sauce) ,一个涂花生酱( Peanut Butter). 最后他们误会了,把两种酱料夹在一起。但是,味道还是不错的。
4. Teh Tarik ( 拉茶)5 杯 - 好味。

IMG_2497 Roti canai , Tanah Rata , Cameron Highlands

Mee Goreng , 印度炒面,RM4.50
IMG_2502 Mee Goreng , Tanah Rata , Mamak shop

Waffle :Peanut Butter + chocolate RM3.00
IMG_2503 Waffle , Tanah Rata , Cameron Highlands

IMG_2504 Waffle with Peanut butter and chocolate

拉茶 Teh Tarik 。
IMG_2500 Teh Tarik , Tanah Rata ,Cameron Highlands


IMG_2511 Totaling up the bill in a mamak shop , Tanah Rata  ,Cameron Highlands


  1. Long time didn't go there liao..

  2. Somewhere in Singapore , because you are somewhere in Spore , then it would take time to travel to Cameron Highlands! When are you going there again ? One day....?


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